Public Opinion in Ukraine: Findings from an IFES Survey

Publication Date: 
12 Nov 2009

IFES has issued more information on its survey "Public Opinion in Ukraine: Findings from an IFES 2009 Survey." Conducted in November 2009, the survey gives insight into the population’s political attitudes and the election climate ahead of the January 17, 2010 presidential election. An initial media guide was released in mid-December. In late December, additional information was made public. A full report will be published in the spring of 2010.

The results of IFES' "Public Opinion in Ukraine: Findings from an IFES 2009 Survey" are now available.

According to the findings, Viktor Yanukovych of the Party of Regions is likely to receive the most votes in the first round January 2010 presidential poll. 31% of Ukrainians say they will vote for Yanukovych in the first round of the election and 19% for Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Other candidates with significant percentages include Serhiy Tygypko (4.8%), Arseniy Yatsenyuk (4.7%), Petro Symonenko (3.8%), President Viktor Yushchenko (3.5%), and Volodomyr Lytvyn (2.8%).

Given the likelihood that no candidate is likely to win the presidency outright in the first round, in a possible second round matchup, Yanukovych would top Tymoshenko 42% versus 28% with 18% saying they would vote against both. In a matchup between Yanukovych and Yatsenyuk, Yanukovych would have the support of 42% versus 23% for Yatsenyuk and 22% against both.

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