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Elections in the Kyrgyz Republic: 2017 Presidential Elections


On October 15, the Kyrgyz Republic will hold presidential elections. The election will take place in the context of legal changes introduced by the 2016 constitutional referendum and the 2017 amendments to the Constitutional Law on presidential and parliamentary elections.

This will be a historic vote; the first “regular” transition of power from a sitting president who has completed a constitutionally defined term of office to an elected successor. There are 11 candidates registered, including one woman candidate and three former prime ministers.

To help you understand this important electoral process, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) provides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Elections in the Kyrgyz Republic: 2017 Presidential Elections. IFES FAQs include:

  • What is the current political background and context?
  • How are political parties involved in the presidential election?
  • What system is used to determine the results of the election?
  • What is the process for electoral dispute adjudication?