U.S. Election Program Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for participating in the International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) 2020 U.S. Election Program (USEP)!

This multimedia experience featuring fascinating interviews, dynamic debates, critical analysis, shared learning and networking opportunities has already begun and a variety of live online events will take place from October 27 to November 4.

How can you join the conversation?

RSVP to the Virtual USEP to watch our live sessions on a wide variety of topics, ask a U.S. election expert a question, create your own electoral map and more!

Share the event with your networks via social media with the hashtag #USEP2020 – your post might be featured on the USEP social wall. Suggested posts and downloadable social media cards for posting are below to help get you started, including cards for each live event.

On U.S. Election Day, November 3

IFES will be actively posting on the Virtual USEP Social Media Wall on Election Day. 

Are you voting in person or volunteering as a poll worker on Election Day? Share your Election Day experience on social media using #USEP2020 and your post might be featured on the USEP Social Media WallPhotos and videos are especially of interest.  

Some tips for posting your Election Day Experience: 

  • Include a clear photo, video or gif that speaks to your first-person experience (a selfie outside your polling place, your “I voted sticker,” dropping off your mail-in ballot, having a socially distant watch party, wearing your Vote apparel, photos with pollworkers, lines at polling places, support systems like "Pizza to the Polls," candidate posters (bipartisan, please!)...
  • Remember that you should not take photos inside polling places or of your or anyone else’s ballot. 
  • This should be a first-person account of your experience, not someone else’s, unless you've been given explicit permission. 
    • Do not include photos of minors unless you can ask their guardians for permission.
  • Include a caption that: 
    • Speaks to the importance of actively participating in the electoral process. Try answering this question: What does today mean to you? 
    • Highlights how you’ve been participating in the Virtual USEP and U.S. #Elections2020 this year.  
  • Try to avoid partisan or divisive language and try to focus on the process itself. 
  • If you're at a loss for words, consider using one of our prompts below!

Prompts for posting your Election Day experience:

  • Prompt #1:
    A reminder on U.S. Election Day from Susan B. Anthony: "Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it." Feeling [add emotion here] today out here, observing democracy in action. #USEP2020

  • Prompt #2:
    As I observe our U.S. #Elections2020 in action, I can't help but notice [observation]. #USEP2020
  • Prompt #3:
    Today can be an anxious day for many. Here is a hopeful scene of our democracy at work. #USEP2020
  • Prompt #4:
    We're out here observing U.S. #Elections2020. Where are you today? Use #USEP2020 and share your Election Day experience.
  • Prompt #5:
    For democracy to thrive, it is essential that each of us shows up. Today, voters are [share observation here]. Using #USEP2020 to show us how you're showing up on Election Day. 
  • Prompt #6:
    The "I Voted" sticker is a unique U.S. tradition. Share your "I Voted" sticker proudly today. #USEP2020

  • Prompt #7:
    Today, it is with grace concern that I witnessed [share observation here]. We mst fight to preserve every individual's right ot vote. #USEP2020
  • Prompt #8:
    Thank you to all of the election officials, pollworkers and people behind the scenes working to ensure that todays' U.S. #Elections2020 go smoothly. #USEP2020
  • Prompt #9:
    A reminder today to trust in the electoral process and be patient. We must work diligently to ensure that every vote is counted. #USEP2020

And here are some example posts for sharing the USEP event -
Include one of the graphics below when posting.

Suggested post #1
Join me for a unique front-row seat to the U.S. #Elections2020. Find fascinating interviews, dynamic debates and critical analysis with @IFES1987 & other experts. #USEP2020

RSVP today: https://usep.ifes.org

Suggested post #2:
Want to get an in-depth look into the U.S. elections? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts. #USEP2020

RSVP today: https://usep.ifes.org 

Post for promoting specific events
Include the specific event graphic that corresponds with your session below.
Consider tagging the speakers, as well.

Suggested post #1:
Don’t miss the #USEP2020 session: [insert event name here] at [date / time + timezone].

RSVP now: https://usep.ifes.org

Suggested post #2:
Get an inside look at U.S. #Elections2020 – join me for the #USEP2020 session: [insert event name here] at [date / time + timezone].

RSVP now: https://usep.ifes.org

Click on the images below to download for posting

For Twitter:

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For Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn:

Youth Participation in U.S. Election (I) COVID-19 and the U.S. Elections Voting by Mail in the U.S.: Who Counts? Youth Participation in U.S. Election (II) Virtual Visit to Polling Places Welcome from IFES American Elections: Strengths & Vulnerabilities American Elections: Strengths & Vulnerabilities The Morning After Election Analysis 


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