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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) regularly disseminates press releases and statements on critical issues. Our senior representatives meet with policymakers around the world and are often called to testify on the impact of democracy assistance by United States lawmakers. We value every opportunity to highlight the importance of democracy assistance and the need for sustained support for our mission to give citizens a voice in how they are governed.

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19 May 2021 | Feature
IFES and Mexico's National Electoral Institute announced a renewed collaboration to strengthen the capacity of electoral institutions across Latin America.
12 May 2021 | Feature
Through collaboration, partnerships, information sharing, peace messaging and citizen engagement, the Kimpact Development Initiative contributed to the conduct of peaceful elections in Edo and Ondo...
12 May 2021 | Feature
In the summer of 2020, IFES offered in-depth online trainings on the Democratic Republic of the Congo's electoral systems and gender inclusion in the legal framework and reform processes.
12 May 2021 | Feature
On April 28, IFES' Regional Europe Office held a webinar that addressed risks and solutions related to the abuse of state resources.
30 Apr 2021 | Feature
To empower elected women with the skills and knowledge to fulfill their roles as community leaders, IFES and the Center for Dalit Women Nepal launched “She Leads” trainings in February 2021.
23 Apr 2021 | Feature
In collaboration with the Special Talent Exchange Program and Nepal Disabled Women Association, IFES held a South Asia regional conference that brought together nearly 100 women with disabilities who...
21 Apr 2021 | Announcement
Waugh will work closely with regional teams and field offices to implement IFES’ approach to gender equality and women’s empowerment and provide strategic vision and leadership for IFES’ gender...
14 Apr 2021 | Feature
Election disputes are a natural outgrowth of the electoral process, and having mechanisms to properly and fairly consider those disputes is vital to electoral integrity. The International Foundation...
13 Apr 2021 | Feature
IFES developed the New Tech Inclusive Democracy Exhibit to teach visitors about democracy and elections in an accessible manner.
13 Apr 2021 | Announcement
Together the Global Cyber Alliance and IFES will scale and amplify projects to advance secure elections and democracy and make participation safer for everyone.
13 Apr 2021 | Feature
On March 25, IFES’ Regional Europe Office organized a webinar to reflect on the greatest challenges and lessons learned from the pandemic’s impact on democratic resilience in Europe.
9 Apr 2021 | Feature
On Sunday, April 11, Peruvians will elect the next president, two vice presidents, 130 parliamentarians and their five representatives to the Andean Parliament for 2021-26.

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