The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) regularly disseminates press releases and statements on critical issues. Our senior representatives meet with policymakers around the world and are often called to testify on the impact of democracy assistance by U.S. lawmakers. We value every opportunity to highlight the importance of democracy assistance and the need for sustained support for our mission to give citizens a voice in how they are governed.

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6 Oct 2009 | Press Release
IFES has been awarded a five‐year cooperative agreement by USAID to support various upcoming elections in Liberia: the constitutional referendum, by‐elections, and national and local elections....
6 Oct 2009 | Press Release
USAID recently awarded IFES a $5.2 million contract to conduct a 2‐year civic education program in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The program is designed to help fulfill the Congolese...
18 Aug 2009 | Interview/Speech/Testimony
From Conakry, Coté talks about whether Captain Moussa Dadis Camara will run for president, how popular he is at the moment, and what the political elite thinks about his future in government. She...
18 Aug 2009 | Interview/Speech/Testimony
Members of the IFES-Afghanistan team went out to the streets of Kabul to interview Afghan citizens of all backgrounds and occupations. The four questions asked for these short videos
21 Jul 2009 | Press Release
An innovative, first-of-its-kind publication that explores the role of public funding in democracy development in Muslim-majority countries will be released on July 22, 2009 by the International...
18 Jun 2009 | Press Release
IFES has been awarded a USAID cooperative agreement for a 19-month $1 million program in Burundi. The project, "Promoting Peaceful and Transparent 2010 Elections in Burundi," seeks to promote...
15 Jun 2009 | Interview/Speech/Testimony
Bill Sweeney, IFES' new president & CEO, sat down with Jamie Dettmer, IFES Director of Communications and Advocacy, and Laura Osio, IFES Press Officer, to talk about why he joined IFES.
1 Jun 2009 | Press Release
The world's leading election-assistance non-governmental organization, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, announced today the appointment of former EDS Vice-President William "...
1 Jun 2009 | Press Release
La Fundación Internacional para Sistemas Electorales (IFES), organización no gubernamental y líder mundial en asistencia electoral, anunció hoy el nombramiento de su nuevo Presidente, el Sr. William...
26 May 2009 | Press Release
On Saturday, May 23, 2009, six IFES staff members and some of their relatives spent the morning volunteering at Washington, DC's Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB).
15 Apr 2009 | Press Release
The Status of Women in the Middle East and North Africa (SWMENA), a project to improve the legal, political and social standing of women, is underway. IFES, the Institute of Women’s Policy Research...
7 Apr 2009 | Interview/Speech/Testimony
Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe and one of the few former members of the Soviet Union that have continued to strive towards democracy, is facing a challenging time in the aftermath of...