By-Elections in Kazakhstan, city Maslikhat Semipalatinsk, January 26, 1997, Majilis-Mangistau Oblast March 17, 1997: A Technical Analysis with Recommendations

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31 Mar 1997

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The International Foundation of Election Systems (IFES) was invited by the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakstan to observe the January 26, 1997 by-election of deputies to the Semipalatinsk City Maslikhat and the March 17 by-elections in Mangistau Oblast for a seat in the Majilis. IFES undertook the projects in order to make an assessment of the conducting of elections at the local level, as part of its work of assisting the CEC and related groups in better understanding both the general problem areas of the current system of elections and the opportunities that exist for improving on the electoral process before the next round of regularly scheduled national elections. Each of the reports combine a general overview of the atmosphere and parameters in which the elections were held, observations from election day itself, and a series of recommendations for possible improvements to the election code and procedural implementation. It is hoped that the Central Election Committee of Kazakstan will consider these observations as completely independent and objective as it undertakes a reassessment of the current election laws, and that it will find the suggestions and recommendations both forthright and useful.