With an array of experts on electoral and political processes, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) regularly produces white papers, books, reports and manuals on topics such as election security; political finance; gender equality; standards for conducting election audits and ensuring electoral integrity and transparency; public opinion on elections and democracy; and providing equal access for persons with disabilities to electoral and political processes. 

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9 Nov 2011 | PUBLICATION
Strategic planning is at the heart of every successful election. It is a fundamental element for every electoral management body (EMB) to function effectively to maintain its own integrity and the...
4 Nov 2011 | PUBLICATION
These frequently asked questions (FAQs) address the upcoming presidential run-off election, general elections that took place in October and the overall structure of Liberia’s electoral system.
2 Nov 2011 | PUBLICATION
These frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide insight into issues related to the upcoming election.
1 Nov 2011 | PUBLICATION
Analysis of Egypt’s 2011 Parliamentary Electoral System provides insight into the election laws regulating parliamentary elections in Egypt.
19 Oct 2011 | PUBLICATION
IFES has released an updated and expanded list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the 23 October election for a National Constituent Assembly, the body that will be charged with writing a...
5 Oct 2011 | PUBLICATION
Electoral districting is pivotal to electoral reform in Lebanon. Current parliamentary electoral district boundaries are based on Lebanon’s administrative districts, or Qadas.
26 Sep 2011 | PUBLICATION
Upon conclusion of the working group meetings this spring, the Ministry of Justice put forward a draft parliamentary election law. In June of this year, the Ministry formally requested that IFES...
19 Sep 2011 | PUBLICATION
On October 30, 2011, Kyrgyzstan will hold its first presidential election since the momentous constitutional referendum in June 2010 that established the first parliamentary system in Central Asia...
19 Aug 2011 | PUBLICATION
Liberia, like many democracies, faces the challenge of identifying and implementing strategies for leveling the numbers of women and men in national governance and decision-making capacities. ...
17 Aug 2011 | PUBLICATION
As Egypt prepares for parliamentary elections under newly amended electoral laws, it is important to understand the ongoing changes to the electoral framework and the impact these changes will have...
11 Aug 2011 | PUBLICATION
The Government of Ukraine has proposed a mixed electoral system with 450 members, 225 members elected via list proportional representation (PR) and 225 members elected from constituencies. This...
10 Aug 2011 | PUBLICATION
15 out of every 100 persons in the world, or 978 million people, live with a disability. Since 1997, IFES has taken a leading role to ensure persons with disabilities can fully participate in civic...