Since 1994, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has played a key role in the emergence of democratic electoral processes and institutions in Ukraine. Over the last two decades, IFES has developed a reputation as a reliable source for impartial analysis and high-quality technical assistance in the fields of electoral and political finance law reform, election administration, civil society capacity building and public opinion research. Key activities include:

Training electoral management bodies: In order to improve the effectiveness of Ukraine's Central Election Commission (CEC), IFES works to train Ukrainian election staff and develop good practice guides for use in elections. IFES has worked with the CEC to train over 117,750 election commissioners and poll workers nationwide to date and has helped develop training materials for all levels of election administration, including instructional manuals, videos and other resources.

Supporting civil society activism and strengthening civic engagement: IFES works to strengthen the role of civil society organizations by partnering with them to produce high-quality, non-partisan research and analysis of electoral issues. In support of strengthening an environment that promotes informed political and electoral participation throughout Ukraine, IFES has also developed an innovative, university-level civic education course.

Fostering dialogue on electoral and political finance reform: IFES supports discussion and consensus building on political and election-related issues by increasing civil society and media exposure and capacity on electoral matters and organizing discussion groups and public forums that bring together diverse groups of stakeholders who might not otherwise interact.

Enhancing inclusion in the electoral process for underrepresented populations: IFES, in collaboration with the CEC and civil society, conducts a range of awareness-raising initiatives to ensure that all Ukrainians can participate fully in the country’s electoral and political processes. IFES assistance addresses areas of inclusion and accessibility for persons with disabilities, the enfranchisement of internally displaced persons and representation of women, youth, and minorities.

Strengthening key electoral and politically-exposed institutions: IFES provides technical assistance and support to the CEC to strengthen institutional capacity of this body to better fulfil its mandate, including cybersecurity. In addition, IFES works with institutions that are vulnerable to politically motivated influence to promote fair competition through the responsible use of state resources during the electoral cycle.

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