2015 Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards


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    The Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards dinner highlights the importance of supporting citizens’ rights to participate in free and fair elections and serves as an opportunity to honor three individuals who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to freedom and democracy. 

    Named after former U.S. Ambassador and IFES Board of Directors Chairman Charles T. Manatt, the award is given yearly to three individuals — one Republican, one Democrat and one member of the international community.

    Recipients are selected by IFES’ Board of Directors based on criteria such as leadership, impact on the field of democracy, alignment with IFES’ mission, diversity and inclusion, influence on social change, and focus on the next generation of leaders. Nominations for the international award recipient are accepted through a public nomination process now closed.


    The 2015 Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards Ceremony: Tuesday, September 29, 2015

  • Past Recipients

    The Honorable Jerry Moran, (R-Kan.)
    The Honorable Steny Hoyer, (D-Md.)
    Maria Corina Machado, Venezuela



    The Honorable Richard Durbin, (D-Ill.)

    The Honorable Kay Granger, (R-Texas)

    Leonardo Valdés Zurita, President of Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute




    The Honorable Nita Lowey, U.S. Representative, (D-N.Y.)

    The Honorable David Dreier, U.S. Representative, (R-Calif.)

    Maimuna Mwidau, Kenya



    The Honorable Patrick Leahy, U.S. Senator, (D-Vt.)

    The Honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, U.S. Representative, (R-Fla.)

    Judge Johann Kriegler, South Africa



    The Honorable David Obey, former U.S. Representative, (D-Wis.)

    The Honorable M. Peter McPherson, former USAID Administrator

    His Excellency Ziad Baroud, former Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Lebanon

  • Sponsors

    IFES is grateful for the generous support of the 2014 Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards Dinner sponsors. The proceeds from the event benefit the IFES Innovation Fund, an endowment supporting short-term, original projects that address pressing issues in democratic development.

    See a list of our sponsors.


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