Albania’s path to democracy is closely aligned with accession to the European Union. Significant reforms and efforts to date have improved Albania’s democratic processes in line with international standards. However, challenges in the fight against corruption, credible elections and countering organized crime continue to pose threats to Albania’s democratic future. IFES is partnering with local and global partners to catalyze civic engagement and public- and private-sector capacity to jointly identify and address transparency, accountability and integrity challenges in governance processes. Since 1991, IFES has delivered targeted assistance to public institutions and civil society in Albania across a broad range of activities, such as technical guidance to election administration, civic education programs for citizens and support for civic actors to meaningfully engage in elections and governance.

IFES is also working alongside its partners, the Center for International Private Enterprise and the International Republican Institute, to establish an autonomous and financially sustainable institution with the responsibility to develop and collect evidence-based resources and practices to identify challenges and implement solutions to increase transparency, accountability and integrity. This institution will work with public institutions, private sector actors, civil society and citizens at-large to reject corruption and embrace integrity, guided by behavioral change research.

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