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European election officials partake in a group exercise on electoral leadership and independence during a workshop in Prague, Czech Republic.


The Regional Europe Office (REO) serves a constituency of election and human rights professionals from across the continent to educate and inform them on key topics threatening democratic progress, including corruption, misuse of money in politics, disinformation, and undermining of watchdogs among media and civic advocacy organizations. REO engages electoral stakeholders across the region to build their capacity by promoting cross-border learning and networking while enhancing political participation, government transparency, and election administration. The program works to increase government oversight and institutional and public resilience to anti-democratic foreign influences.

Since the 1990s, IFES has supported democratic development in Europe through the Regional Europe Office in Prague, leveraging a deep understanding of the European political context and forging strong relationships with election management bodies, civil society organizations, organizations of persons with disabilities, and other stakeholders to promote good governance, peer-exchange, and capacity-building programming.

The Regional Europe Office covers a broad geographic region including the Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, and Visegrad four countries. Through the Regional Europe Office, IFES conducts its Regional Election Administration and Political Process Strengthening (REAPPS) program, which aims to address electoral and civic participation challenges in Europe while strengthening democratic leadership and increasing government oversight. IFES REO’s programming is designed with a holistic approach to building electoral stakeholders’ democratic resilience through activities dedicated election administration, cyber security, disability inclusion, political finance, electoral jurisprudence, and countering disinformation and malign foreign influence. IFES REO programming is designed to be responsive to both old and new threats to electoral integrity, and therefore all tools and activities are developed to be innovative and responsive to stakeholders’ evolving challenges and needs.

IFES also works through its Regional Europe Office to build the capacity of stakeholders working with money in politics, including public oversight institutions, civil society groups, and journalists, through a series of workshops and tools.


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