Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Central Election Commission holds a press conference to launch its e-learning platform and online poll worker training, supported by IFES, ahead of the 2020 local elections.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has provided targeted electoral assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since 1996 to establish and support effective and inclusive election administration and management in line with international standards and best practices. To date, IFES is implementing programming to address the needs of the Central Election Commission of BiH and other election stakeholders.

IFES’ current programming focuses on building the election administration’s capacity, as well as on promoting anti-corruption, addressing electoral disinformation and building effective information and communications technology system integrity. These activities are designed to build the capacity of election administration ahead of the 2022 general elections.

Under IFES’ Regional Europe program, BiH institutions are engaged in a number of activities designed to continue support to election administration. This includes building skills in technology and elections through IFES’ Regional Election Technology and Cyber-Hygiene course developed for election management bodies and other electoral stakeholders. Through the Europe and Eurasia Election Management Body Working Group on Social Media, Disinformation and Electoral Integrity, BiH election officials are addressing key challenges to information integrity in the electoral process.

Also under IFES’ Regional Europe program, BiH governmental oversight bodies receive anti-corruption assistance, particularly related to political finance oversight and election dispute resolution. BiH is a member of the Europe and Eurasia Regional Electoral Jurisprudence Network, which convenes western Balkan and Eastern Partnership stakeholders to exchange ideas, challenges and strategies related to electoral justice.

Under the “Effective Combat Against Corruption: Supporting Stakeholders in Implementing Anti-Corruption Standards” program, IFES also supports stakeholders in cross-border information exchange and knowledge-building to support regional anti-corruption networks.

Current IFES programs in BiH are funded under the Global Elections and Political Transitions mechanism sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development.

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