About Us

OUR vision

OUR vision

Democracy for a better future.

OUR mission

OUR mission

Together we build resilient democracies that deliver for all.

IFES Strategic Plan 2020-24

Strategic Outcomes

Trusted electoral stakeholders deliver credible elections.

Effective governing institutions are accountable to the people they serve.

All people safely participate in civic and political life on an equal basis.

Technology, information and data positively serve elections and democracy.


We believe in the power of people.

We develop individual, institutional and collaborative capacities to strengthen democracy.

We pursue excellence and innovation.

We learn and adapt to best serve the people and principles we support.

We embody diversity, equality and opportunity.

We build inclusive relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Culture Statement

We are here to advance democracy’s promise. Every day, we choose the path that furthers our mission and exemplifies our values. We apply thoughtful, rigorous solutions to complex problems. We take informed risks and view setbacks as opportunities for reflection and growth. Our people drive IFES and prize inclusion, trust and accountability. We conduct our work with integrity. We are IFES.