In the last 13 years, Pakistan has held three general elections, providing much-needed continuity to political and electoral processes. The next general elections, expected to take place in 2023, will provide an important opportunity for Pakistani citizens to exercise their democratic right to participate. IFES has partnered with the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for more than 15 years, leading to several reforms, including the passage of the 2017 Elections Act and the introduction of strategic planning for institutional capacity building to deliver credible elections. Key structural reforms have included the establishment of a political finance department; an election academy; electoral rolls; and gender and social inclusion departments. Furthermore, with IFES’ technical assistance, the ECP took concrete measures to enhance opportunities for the participation of youth, women, persons with disabilities, minorities and transgender persons. IFES’ civil society engagement has also provided leadership training to women in Pakistan, enabling them to participate in political and electoral processes.


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