Since Tanzania reintroduced multiparty democracy 25 years ago, its political system has been characterized by dominant one-party politics, limited competition and weak checks and balances on the ruling government. The previous ruling party contributed to closing political space, characterized by crackdowns on media, firing of government officials without due process and barring opposition parties from gathering in public. As part of the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS) Tushiriki Pamoja project, IFES supported local civil society organizations (CSOs) to produce multiple resources to increase the electoral knowledge of stakeholders, e.g., marginalized communities, political parties and election management bodies (EMBs). IFES additionally supported EMBs to promote increased citizen engagement and oversight of political and electoral processes. Creating a more competitive and representative multiparty political system and increasing transparency in electoral administration will strengthen Tanzania’s democratic system to ensure credible and inclusive elections.

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