The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has worked in Yemen since the first multiparty parliamentary elections in 1993. Since then, IFES has engaged with various actors and stakeholders in the electoral process. As a result of its long-term engagement in Yemen, IFES is a trusted adviser to various local stakeholders, as well as the international community.

Recently, IFES has focused on improving the efficiency and professionalism of Yemen’s election management body, other government agencies involved in elections, and civil society in the lead-up to election events. IFES has provided Yemen’s election commission with both short-term election-event preparation as well as long-term operational and strategic development, including technical advice on voter registration, election dispute resolution, election security, and outreach to voters. IFES has also worked closely with the election commission to build its internal capacity and professionalism, and to enhance its ability to address challenges to improving Yemen’s electoral process.

In addition to the election commission, IFES has worked with various other Yemeni stakeholders, including the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Legal Affairs, and Ministry of Interior, to address fields related to the electoral process such as political finance, among others.