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Transition at a Crossroads: Moving Beyond the GCC Agreement in Yemen


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In late 2011, Yemeni political leaders and stakeholders endorsed the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Agreement, which laid out a two-year roadmap for resolving Yemen's political paralysis. The agreement scripted a process with an inclusive National Dialogue, a new constitution, a constitutional referendum and national elections to move the country forward. Two years later – with the National Dialogue process yet to reach consensus on key challenges – it is likely the initial timeframe will expire without a referendum and without elections.


What challenges will these delays present to Yemeni and international stakeholders? How should Yemeni leaders and the international community reformulate a timeline that is more realistic and responsive to the reality on the ground? When should presidential elections, a constitutional referendum and parliamentary elections be held, and what technical challenges will stakeholders face?


Please view a panel discussion on these timely issues, the overall political environment in Yemen, the potential impact on the electoral process and the ongoing role of the international community.


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