Since 1995, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has conducted a range of assistance activities to support the development of democratic elections and political processes in Georgia. The work of IFES has improved electoral legislation, election administration and election dispute resolution; strengthened civil society and media; supported political finance reform and implementation; increased participation, inclusivity and enfranchisement of marginalized groups, including persons with disabilities and ethnic minorities; introduced a university-level civic education course currently offered in 28 higher education institutions; increased transparency and women’s political engagement, including strengthened advocacy and leadership skills through trainings; supported a diverse array of civic and voter education projects; and enhanced the accuracy of and confidence in the voter registry.

In 2014, IFES began a five-year project to strengthen democratic institutional change and empower groups across all strata of society. Through assistance activities to Georgia’s election management bodies, civil society stakeholders and the public, IFES supports the continued development of professional effective election management and equal engagement opportunities for all Georgians.