Shortly after the signing of Liberia’s 2003 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) conducted a field assessment of the country’s National Elections Commission (NEC). The results formed the basis of its first program in Liberia, which began in November 2004. From 2009-2014, IFES implemented a follow-on program, during which time it developed sound working relationships with local election officials and civil society organizations. Beginning in January 2015, IFES initiated a new program focused on developing a cadre of highly trained election officials capable of managing the full electoral cycle by 2019.

Among the results of IFES’ activities in Liberia are:

  • Increased capacity of the NEC to conduct boundary delimitation;
  • A credible, accurate, transparent voter registration system implemented through all 19 election offices that provides access to the registration process for all eligible Liberians;
  • A successful, legitimate referendum in 2011 to amend the Constitution based on revised election laws;
  • Significantly increased ability of the NEC to hold community-level information-sharing sessions in partnership with political parties and civil society organizations and conduct a program of civic and voter education that addresses the major electoral challenges facing Liberia; and
  • Measurably increased the NEC’s capacity to manage its affairs with decreased foreign assistance through more capable staff and well-functioning county-level Magistrate offices.


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