IFES and its partner Transparency Maldives implement voter education.


Since Maldives’ first multi-party election in 2008, the country’s democratic institutions are building new synergies between national and local governments and civil society, as well as promoting civic engagement for inclusive policy development. IFES is partnering with civil society organizations (CSOs) and electoral stakeholders to foster civic engagement inclusive of women, youth, persons with disabilities and other marginalized communities. Since 2011, IFES has been cultivating relationships across government agencies and local partners to gain a deeper understanding of the Maldives’ political context to strengthen its elections and civic education.

To safeguard democratic processes in the Maldives, IFES is supporting CSO partners, the Elections Commission of the Maldives (ECM) and other national stakeholders to strengthen democratic processes through the following program activities:

  • IFES provided technical expertise to the ECM to develop their Strategic Plan 2021-25 and is supporting the ECM to implement civic and voter education components of the strategic plan, including disseminating outreach and voter education materials.
  • IFES is supporting the “Vaane” (Women Can) social media and women’s political participation campaign and the “Power to Persuade” project focused on leadership and advocacy training for women with disabilities.
  • In partnership with CSOs and national government agencies, IFES is reviewing civic education in schools to update curricula and teacher resource materials on the importance of youth democratic engagement.

Through these programs, IFES aims to strengthen civic and voter education, promote leadership and the inclusive participation of marginalized communities in politics and policymaking, all with the involvement of government and civil society stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of these results in years to come.

IFES’ programs in the Maldives are supported by the United States Agency for International Development through the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening.


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