The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has trained Tunisian civil society organizations, government officials, judges, lawyers and journalists on electoral topics since 2011. IFES provides technical support during the drafting and amendment of the legal framework for elections, and increases the capacity of stakeholders to adjudicate electoral disputes and monitor and control campaign finance. IFES has provided trainings and an e-learning curriculum to build the professionalism of electoral institutions, including the High Independent Election Authority, to administer credible elections that reflect the will of the people.

IFES’ programming also aims to strengthen a culture of democracy in Tunisia through organized activities related to the International Day of Democracy, development of a civic education curriculum for primary school students and partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs to create a module on civic rights for illiterate adults. IFES and its civil society partners organize street theater performances, a mobile radio show and other outreach campaigns to better inform youth and marginalized communities – including illiterate Tunisians, women and black Tunisians – about elections and decentralization. Through IFES’ Hack4Democracy camps, young Tunisians learn about their civic rights and responsibilities and collaborate to develop prototypes of technological tools that promote increased civic or political engagement. IFES also trains journalists from community radio stations and local newspapers to effectively provide information and analysis about elections.

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