The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) works in Jordan to improve the professional and operational capacity of local stakeholders, increase public confidence in electoral institutions, and strengthen the legal framework of the electoral process. IFES works closely with Jordan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) to build its long-term institutional electoral management capacities and promote public confidence in the IEC through public outreach, while also working to strengthen the legal framework for the electoral administration process in Jordan.

In order to work toward these goals, IFES collaborates with the IEC to provide technical assistance, including supporting the development of the IEC as a self-sustaining electoral management body; developing the IEC’s strategic planning, executive procedures, and operational planning abilities; providing technical training and operational capacity building for electoral events in Jordan; and training electoral officials on international electoral best practices and administration methods. IFES’ engagement and recommendations have led to direct improvements in draft laws, executive instructions, and procedure regulations relating to Jordan’s electoral processes. IFES has also played a key role in recent Jordanian elections, including operational training for election officials ahead of the 2013 parliamentary and municipal elections, as well as extensive support for voter information, media outreach, and operation planning ahead of the 2016 parliamentary elections.