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V-Dem Democracy Report 2022 Discussion

The Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute’s 2022 Democracy Report documents several signs that autocracy is gaining ground, as polarization and heightened disinformation undermine democracy around the globe. Authoritarian leaders are also increasingly sowing mis- and disinformation to discredit the democratic process and shake confidence in its benefits.

Despite these trends, extensive evidence collected by V-Dem's Case for Democracy reaffirms that democratic governments perform much better than authoritarian regimes in key areas of development, including economic growth, security, public health, and the provision of public goods. These findings offer an important opportunity to consider how democracy champions can leverage data to both debunk the autocratic narrative and to fight for democracy and guarantee its benefits, domestically and globally.

Please join IFES and V-Dem for a virtual discussion on V-Dem’s 2022 report and trends in autocratization and democratization on April 7 at 1:30pm.

Dr. Staffan Lindberg – Director, V-Dem Institute
Dr. Cassandra Emmons – Democracy Data Analyst, IFES
Dr. Fernanda Buril – Research Specialist, IFES

Chad Vickery – Vice President, Global Strategy and Technical Leadership

Date & Time
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM EDT