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Virtual Launch Event: Moldova Report on Risks to Community Cohesion

Date & Time
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EET
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Join us Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. EET/ 7. a.m. ET

You are invited to our virtual launch event to present the findings of the "Risks to Community Cohesion Between Ukrainian Refugees and Host Communities – Moldova" report. The report can be found here.

Background: In Central Europe, support for Ukrainians fleeing Russia's 2022 invasion has been substantial. However, challenges such as inflation-stretched social services and disinformation campaigns pose threats to continued support. Through the UK government-funded Community Cohesion in Central Europe project, research was carried out in Moldova and four other central European countries to understand factors undermining cohesion between Ukrainian refugees and host communities. The research provided programmatic recommendations to local, national, and international stakeholders on what they could do to mitigate those factors. It also details characteristics that can increase vulnerabilities and addresses misleading discourses about Ukrainian refugees.

Event Details: This virtual launch event will share key findings and recommendations from the Moldova report and discuss their application to different organizational contexts. We invite you to participate in the agenda designed to facilitate discussion between practitioners and subject-matter experts on the report's contents and implications. The event will be in English with live translation into Romanian and Russian. Register here.