Bangladesh Since 2018 Democracy from Theory to Practice, 1+ Universities and vocational schools, 160+ students engaged
IFES’s Democracy: From Theory to Practice university course gives students a theoretical background in democracy through the SEED methodology and practical and hands-on experience as students conduct projects and research fellowships. Over 160 students have taken part in the course to date through the University of Dhaka. IFES expects to expand the course to a second university in 2023 and up to five additional universities throughout Bangladesh through 2025. The course has been complemented by programming through the Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) network, expanding beyond 13 public universities and over 1,600 students across all divisions of Bangladesh. IFES continues to mobilize existing SAVE participants through advanced trainings and community-based assignments. Additional webinars and online events, as well as campaigns for safe and inclusive campuses both offline and online, provide much-needed opportunities for education and student activism.