Georgia Since 2011 Democracy & Citizenship, Georgian Flag, 38+ universities and vocational schools, 12k+ students engaged, 100+ educators trained
Course evaluations have demonstrated that course students and alumni experienced a positive transformation in their perceptions and understandings of the rights and roles of persons with disabilities and minorities; applied skills developed through course experiences to academic, professional, and civic endeavors; possessed a strong sense of efficacy toward their ability to affect change; and were committed to the realization of the principles of democracy for all Georgians. Many alumni went on to become civil society leaders, addressing problems in their communities and becoming champions for democracy in Georgia long after the course. With an eye to sustainability, IFES also supported the establishment of the Civic Education Lectures Association (CELA), which is a network of civic educators that represent the majority of accredited universities across the country; CELA currently maintains Georgia’s SEED curriculum. IFES has since partnered with Georgia’s Ministry of Education to expand civic education offerings to vocational education institutions.