Ukraine Since 2018 Democracy from Theory to Practice, 59+ universities and vocational schools, 12,000 + Students Engaged, 134+ Educators trained
Course evaluations have yielded encouraging results on all measures—course instructor interviews and surveys, student surveys and focus groups, classroom observations, and pre-and post-tests. The results demonstrated that students gained knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to effectively monitor and hold the government and members of society accountable to principles of democracy in the digital age.
Using skills developed in the course, since 2021, alumni have gone on to intern at Ukrainian institutions like the Central Election Commission and National Agency on Corruption Prevention. Beyond the knowledge and the skills developed, students also demonstrated a desire to be active citizens. The course alumni organization Youth Democratic Association (YODA) and IFES have organized several extra-curricular activities, such as the DemVision action project competition, DemoGRAtia interactive game, and social media DemTalk events to support current students and maintain a robust and active alumni community. Furthermore, in April 2022 IFES helped establish the Civic Educators Association to help build the capacity of and support course educators.