Pano Kaya (What if?) Video Task Force 2010


4 May 2010

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This video asks in a reflective manner the capacity of the Filipino electorate to channel tangible and lasting political change in the country's tarnished socio-political climate. It conveys the message that non-engagement in the electoral and political front is an option that we should not take if we are resolute on changing our situation.


What if we all care; What if we all think; For the nation, and not just for ourselves? What if we all believe? Not just 57% of us, But all 100% of us? What if we all cared, Not only some of the time, But all the time? What if we took a stand even when its difficult to do so? What if we took a stand even while we suffer? What if its not just all talk? What if we take action? Will our lives improve? Will our country progress? What if? Register and vote.


The reproduction of both videos was supported by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems ( IFES) and the British Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO).


The videos were distributed to the wide network of Task Force 2010 which includes religious and educational institutions, NGOs and civil society groups with national reach. The videos were shown during various registration campaign and advocacy activities and distributed to local organizations engaged in electoral reform activities.

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