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Announcement of Media Contests in Uzbekistan


The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is pleased to announce two (2) media contests for citizens of Uzbekistan. The two competitions aim to encourage young people and journalists to produce more creative and informative media products. See full details on the terms of the contest below. 

Period of Accepting Entries: From December 21, 2023 to February 12, 2024 

Terms of the Contest: 

Applicants can submit under three categories: 

  1. Story/Article (PDF, DOC): Text should not exceed 3,000 words, file sizes should be > 5MB 
  2. Photography/Visual Material (PDF, PNG, JPG): Entries can include mixed/digital media, and file sizes should not exceed >5MB 
  3. Video (MP4, MMV, AVI): Entries can include animation, short films, and short-form clips under 5 minutes 

Participants may submit newly created material for the contest, or they may submit existing, previously published works created within the last year. Works may be submitted in Uzbek, Russian, or English. Each contestant may submit no more than two works/productions in each category. All submissions are final. All works must be original; no plagiarism will be accepted. No payments/fees will be collected by IFES for participating in any category of this contest. The works will not be edited by IFES. IFES reserves the right to non-commercial use, including as educational products, with appropriate author credit. 


Media Contest - The Importance of Rights-based Reporting in Promoting Greater Political Participation for Journalists and Bloggers 

Applicants are asked to design and develop media products on the theme of accessibility and inclusion. Specific ideas may highlight the challenges or obstacles faced by people with disabilities in engaging in decision-making processes, the importance of ensuring the full and equal enjoyment of the rights of persons with disabilities and products designed to encourage greater participation of persons with disabilities in civic and political life.  

Who can participate? Full-time and freelance journalists over the age of 18 from Uzbekistan, who have published works in registered central and regional media—TV channels, radio stations, and online or print media with any frequency of release—as well as bloggers who post their materials independently on the Internet are invited to participate in the competition. 

Use the entry form here to submit to this contest.

Media Contest - Informed Participation of Youth in Electoral and Decision-making Processes for Young People 

In a follow-up to IFES’ media literacy workshop for young people organized in March 2023 in partnership with Nationwide Movement Yuksalish, applicants are asked to design and develop works to promote greater engagement and active participation of young people in Uzbekistan. Entries may include products with messages that highlight their existing political and electoral rights, raise awareness of challenges faced by young people in civic and political life, and also products that encourage greater young involvement in civil society and decision-making.  

Who can participate?  Citizens of Uzbekistan aged 18 to 29 years old residing in Uzbekistan may participate in the contest. Youth with disabilities are highly encouraged to participate. 

Use the entry form here to submit to this contest.


Contest committees, composed of IFES regional and technical experts, will evaluate the submitted works. The committees will review the works based on the evaluative criteria detailed below.  

  The following criteria will be considered during evaluation:  

  • Topic selection: Relevance to the theme of the competition.  

  • Data-driven and fact-based coverage: Reliability and accuracy of the data used (as applicable).  

  • Creativity: Use of language, style, editing, and overall creative approach to convey a message.  

  • Quality: Professional use of multimedia tools within the material (audio, video, infographics, etc.).  

  • Compliance: Adherence to the requirements of the contest.  


Winners with the highest evaluation will be notified at the end of the consideration period by email. There will be one (1) winner in each category for each of the contests, for a total of six (6) winners. 

The winners will receive certificates and small prizes and will also be given the opportunity to be featured on IFES’s social media and online platforms.  

Please email for any questions or comments related to the two contests announced above. 

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