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The Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity

A global network that convenes election stakeholders around a shared vision: to inspire and inform action to advance electoral integrity in the face of critical threats to democracy 


Elections around the world face an evolving and increasingly complex set of threats and challenges. Meeting this moment and promoting resilient democracy requires sustained cooperation among global electoral integrity stakeholders.

The Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity (GNSEI) was formed to meet this challenge. GNSEI brings together leading international democracy actors to develop, advance, and promote adherence to norms and guiding principles that address threats to electoral integrity. The Network will serve as a standing forum for election observers, election management bodies, international development agencies, intergovernmental organizations, and civil society to share information and innovative and effective practices and to work together to promote electoral integrity.

As a Participant of the Global Network For Securing Electoral Integrity (GNSEI) IFES endorses GNSEI’s Vision and Goals statement