Cassandra Emmons, IFES Democracy Data Analyst

Dr. Cassandra Emmons

Senior Democracy Data Analyst
Center for Applied Research & Learning
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Dr. Cassandra Emmons is the Senior Democracy Data Analyst at the Center for Applied Research and Learning at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). She developed and now leads IFES’s Data Analytics and Visualization Team, through which she is responsible for ensuring evidence-based approaches in all IFES programming. She also manages IFES’s ElectionGuide, the most comprehensive and timely online source of global election dates and information.

Dr. Emmons’s substantive research focuses on identifying and developing effective deterrents of democratic erosion and interventions to counter autocratization. She contributes to IFES thought leadership and research related to these issues utilizing her regional expertise in Europe and Latin America as part of the Democratic Resilience Lab.

Her work has been published in the Journal of European Public Policy, PS: Political Science & Politics, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, AJIL Unbound, and Verfassungsblog. She has also authored and co-authored several book chapters.

Dr. Emmons earned her Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University and holds a BA in Political Science and English from Temple University in Philadelphia.