IFES Global Online Campaigning Transparency Community of Practice

Person holding transparent globe.

In recognition of innovation happening globally around online ad transparency and the detection of online campaign violations, IFES has launched a Global Online Campaigning Transparency Community of Practice, bringing together campaign oversight institutions, civil society, academics, and election observers to promote exchange and push forward global thinking and approaches. 


Build Trans-National Peer Relationships  

With practitioners working on online campaigning from multiple angles, the CoP creates a space specifically geared toward peer exchange.  

CoP members can share, test, or scale their approaches through: 

  • Exclusive funding for CoP members to support discrete projects and peer learning  
  • Participatory in-person convenings 
  • Virtual webinars and workshops throughout the year 
  • A dedicated online platform to communicate and collaborate with fellow members 

Strengthen Technical Knowledge  

The CoP accelerates learning happening in different national contexts by facilitating exchange among practitioners, researchers, and regulators. Members of the CoP have found value in the newfound access to technical expertise and are gaining insight into the structural and procedural obstacles others face, sparking new avenues for engagement and exchange.  

“I have so many contacts I didn't expect, and that really propel this work. I also learned a lot about the specific needs of electoral oversight [institutions].” – CoP founding member reflecting on the launch of the network 

Sustainably expand the network 

The Community of Practice will continue to be a forum of experts that specialize in or are actively expanding their work into online campaigning. If you are interested in learning more or joining the Community of Practice, please reach out via onlinecampaigning@ifes.org 

Community of Practice Explainer Video