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TIDE Political Finance Oversight Handbook

Money plays a crucial role in modern politics. Weak enforcement in political and campaign finance can lead to extreme disparities in campaign resources among parties and candidates; political outcomes driven by those with the most financial resources; and an erosion of democratic politics.

IFES’ Training in Detection and Enforcement (TIDE) program responds to the increasing need of political finance enforcement agencies to enhance compliance with political finance regulations; increase the effectiveness of enforcement activities; and reduce opportunities for corruption. This program addresses the needs of political finance enforcers through comparative analysis of detection and enforcement strategies around the world.

IFES’ Political Finance Oversight Handbook is the core of the TIDE program. This handbook is the product of extensive research and fieldwork by leading political finance experts and practitioners. It represents a comprehensive effort to consolidate the experience and knowledge currently available.

This publication has been revised from a version originally published in 2005. The information and examples within have been reviewed and updated in light of changing circumstances and lessons learned. An additional section has been included on how to counteract the abuse of State (administrative) resources.