With an array of experts on electoral and political processes, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) regularly produces white papers, books, reports and manuals on topics such as election security; political finance; gender equality; standards for conducting election audits and ensuring electoral integrity and transparency; public opinion on elections and democracy; and providing equal access for persons with disabilities to electoral and political processes. 

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16 Apr 2021 | PUBLICATION
The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) used its Technical Election Assessment Mission (TEAM) methodology to assessvthe core areas of the electoral process in Serbia. IFES analyzed...
6 Apr 2021 | PUBLICATION
IFES has identified several urgent recommendations to mitigate online violence against women public figures in Bangladesh.
1 Apr 2021 | PUBLICATION
How can key stakeholders plan for climate-related risks to democracy? How can environmentally displaced persons participate safely and equally in political life?
2 Mar 2021 | PUBLICATION
The risk-limiting audit is a type of post-election tabulation audit that relies on statistical evidence to confirm that the election outcome is correct.
24 Feb 2021 | PUBLICATION
IFES is dedicated to creating and protecting safe spaces for people, online and off.
12 Jan 2021 | PUBLICATION
Through our Strengthening Engagement Through Education for Democracy (SEED) methodology, IFES equips youth with the knowledge and skills essential for democratic engagement in the digital age.
21 Dec 2020 | PUBLICATION
Lessons learned from COVID-19's impact in Serbia could help future electoral processes worldwide.
17 Dec 2020 | PUBLICATION
Grounded in international principles and comparative experience, this Guidebook was designed to be a tool for practitioners responsible for carrying out election investigation processes.
10 Dec 2020 | PUBLICATION
IFES' 2020 contributions provided insights from our vast network and technical experience in advancing the rights of racial, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities.
7 Dec 2020 | PUBLICATION
Parliamentary Oversight of Constitutional Bodies in the Maldives explores how parliamentary tools and mechanisms can be effectively tailored to provide the appropriate level of oversight. The...
16 Nov 2020 | PUBLICATION
As part of our contribution to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session 2021 and draft political declaration, IFES has recommended six priorities for the international anti-corruption...
2 Nov 2020 | PUBLICATION
IFES has endorsed an advisory document that provides civil society actors and its supporters with important tools to protect electoral integrity despite the pandemic.

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