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Elections in Kosovo: November 3 Local Elections


On Sunday, November 3, Kosovars head to the polls to elect municipal mayors and assembly deputies in all 38 districts of Kosovo. This will be the first election held throughout the whole of Kosovo, including the four Serbian-populated municipalities north of the Ibar River that have historically refused to participate in elections.

The internationally-backed agreement signed in April of this year calls for these elections – particularly in the four Serbian-populated municipalities – as a step toward normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia. As a key stakeholder, the European Union will be monitoring these local elections.

IFES' frequently asked questions (FAQs) Elections in Kosovo: November 3 Local Elections address:

  • Who manages the electoral process in Kosovo?
  • What is the gender balance within the candidate list?
  • How many registered voters are there and who is eligible to vote?
  • Is out-of-country voting allowed?


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