Business Opportunities

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) offers opportunities for election vendors. In support of open and competitive procurement procedures, IFES publicly posts a list of requests for quotations (RFQs).

For questions about IFES' procurement activities, please email

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RFQ-24-001 Pricing Table for RFQ-24-001
RFQ-24-001 RFQ-24-001_Hotel and Conference Service in West Ukraine
RFA-23-033 Budget Template for RFA-23-033
RFA-23-033 Q&A Template for RFA-23-033
RFA-23-032 Questions Reponses RFA-23-032 (Francais)
RFA-23-032 Questions Answers RFA-23-032 (English)
RFA-23-032 Supporting citizen engagement in the development of civic and voter education campaign in Guinea (English)
RFA-23-032 Budget Template
RFA-23-032 Appui à l'engagement citoyen dans le developement de l'education civique et electoraleen Guinea (Version Francaise)
RFA-23-033 RFA-23-033_Youth Public Policy Network in Nepal