Webinar | IFES Center for Anti-Corruption & Democratic Trust: Taking on Kleptocrats

Date & Time
9:00 AM EST



Corruption is a triple threat to democracies: it perpetuates unjust systems of power; stunts the ability of governments to deliver; and erodes trust in democratic institutions. On November 17, 2021, ahead of the U.S. Summit for Democracy in December, the Center for Anti-Corruption and Democratic Trust held its inaugural event for a global audience, "Taking on Kleptocrats," focused on highlighting advances on anti-corruption and counter-kleptocracy efforts in the U.S., and how these are beneficial – or replicable – for other countries. Watch below.

On September 15, 2021, IFES launched its new Center for Anti-Corruption and Democratic Trust to focus resources, partnerships and attention on the foundational role that electoral and political corruption plays in wider issues of kleptocracy, clientelism, and state capture.

The IFES Center for Anti-Corruption and Democratic Trust helps to advance IFES' mission – Together we build democracies that deliver for all – which reflects our commitment to partnering with people and societies around the world to achieve their right and aspiration for representative and responsive government.


Opening remarks:
Anthony N. Banbury, International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Gary Kalman, Transparency International
Paul Massaro, Helsinki Commission

Katherine Ellena, IFES Center for Anti-Corruption & Democratic Trust


*Due to technical difficulties during the live event, the two opening segments were re-recorded for clarity