28 Jun 2012

From July 3-7, the Libyan diaspora will cast their ballots in the first national election since the fall of former leader Mu’amar Gaddafi. On July 7, Libyans in country will participate in directly electing their country’s leadership.

27 Jun 2012

Mexicans head to the polls this Sunday to elect a new president, with hopes of economic progress and heightened security concerns. Mexico's election commission, the Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE), has made considerable reform in regulations concerning political finance, use of media and a more transparent voting and counting process.

21 Jun 2012

On Saturday, citizens of Papua New Guinea will begin choosing a new parliament from almost 3,500 candidates, with a record number of women vying for seats. Voting will take place over two weeks as security, campaign finance and gender equality issues in the country continue to receive international attention.

19 Jun 2012

IFES conducted a survey of voting-age adults in Cambodia on voter registration and elections, below are the findings from three key areas:

Knowledge & Opinions on the Electoral Process

14 Jun 2012

In late May, Egyptians cast their ballots in the first presidential election since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak.

7 Jun 2012

2011 began with all eyes on the Middle East and North Africa, and then moved south to watch the creation of South Sudan. Throughout 2011, the world witnessed both full scale revolutions and peaceful political processes where millions cast ballots in pursuit of transparent, inclusive government. 

18 May 2012

Voters in the Dominican Republic will go to the polls May 20 to elect a president and vice president in the first election held under the constitutional reforms of 2010. Additionally, Sunday's race features new measures to increase participation of persons with disabilities as well as the large number of Dominicans living abroad.

9 May 2012

While electoral fraud has been studied for decades, it has never been defined in a practical way that allows for its detection, deterrence and mitigation.

In the third white paper in an ongoing series on electoral fraud, IFES presents a set of practical definitions that will help election managers, experts and observers to accurately identify and address the problem.

4 May 2012

On May 23-24, Egyptians will cast their ballots in the first presidential election since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak. The world will watch how this election is administered, as the country prepares to move from military leadership to civilian leadership.

2 May 2012

On May 6, voters in Armenia will elect 131 representatives to the country's National Assembly. As the ruling coalition led by President Serzh Sarkisian's Republican Party vies to maintain control, significant challenges are expected from opposition groups.

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