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Recipients of Research Fund: Supporting Online Campaigning Transparency


The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is delighted to announce that the Internet Lab and Expert Forum are the inaugural recipients of the Community of Practice Research Fund. 

Internet Lab will research the dynamics of permanent campaigning in extremist groups on Telegram in Brazil. The project aims to bridge the gap in the comprehension of political campaigns in messaging apps and provide an analysis of malicious actors and disinformation ecosystems in preparation for the next electoral period in Brazil. 

Expert Forum will analyze online political campaigning and narratives promoted on social media about the upcoming Romanian election. The project will advocate for better regulations on political advertising and aims to increase the capacity of journalists and activists to monitor political expenditure. 

IFES launched the Research Fund to support the IFES Online Campaigning Transparency Community of Practice (CoP). The Fund aims to encourage innovation by supporting the replication of successful practices and the development of new approaches that will increase transparency and accountability in online campaigning for democratic actors. This includes supporting research and programmatic activities, such as creating or enhancing tools and methodologies, translating academic research into real-world interventions, and facilitating exchange among CoP members. 

About the Online Campaigning Transparency Community of Practice

The CoP provides a platform for sharing innovations and challenges related to regulating, monitoring, and enforcing violations related to online campaigning at a national level during elections. By bringing together state institutions with a mandate to oversee online campaigning with election observers, academics, and civil society, the CoP creates a diverse and inclusive community of experts.
For more information on the Global Online Campaigning Transparency Community of Practice, please visit the link below.