Screenshot from about IFES Ukraine video. Man holding clipboard with young girl holding stuffed animal.
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Video: About IFES Ukraine


Winning the peace through democratic progress in post-war Ukraine.


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Russia's criminal war of aggression forever changed the lives of millions of Ukrainians. Yet, this has not stopped Ukraine from advancing and setting an example for democratic progress in the region and beyond. Since the early days of the invasion, IFES has worked tirelessly to provide rapid, critical support to its partners from civil society, government, and academia. IFES has maintained a continuous presence in Ukraine since the invasion began to ensure our work would continue without interruption. In this video, we capture the spirit of people who continue the fight for Ukraine's democratic values – IFES staff and our partners.

The video looks at IFES's work in a time of war to ensure that Ukraine's military successes go in parallel with continued democratic progress. Our colleagues and partners share their experiences and challenges since the war began, elaborate on critical steps to strengthen Ukrainian democracy, and explain what IFES is doing to ensure that Ukraine wins not only the war but also the peace that comes after. IFES, together with our partners, will continue to stand with Ukraine.