Elections and election infrastructure are safe and secure from cyber threats

As electoral processes are digitized, election managers are faced with the challenge of securing elections against cyber threats and a widening spectrum of threat actors. Failure to address electoral cybersecurity risks can pose a critical threat to electoral integrity. IFES partners with election management bodies (EMBs) and civil society organizations to help build cybersecurity capacity and resilience through cyber hygiene training; cybersecurity and technology assessments; and access to technical expertise.

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Digital Safety and Security

Digital Safety and Security

IFES has developed a robust cyber hygiene curriculum that has, since 2019, been applied in more than a dozen countries to reach more than two thousand individual users. The training provides EMB staff with cybersecurity policies, good practices and tools to protect themselves and their organizations when using technology in elections. Participants leave better prepared to detect and stop phishing and spear-phishing attempts, with an understanding of the importance of strong authentication that makes use of two-factor solutions, and awareness of security and safety good practice.

Cybersecurity for Critical Election Infrastructure

IFES’ Holistic Exposure and Adaptation Testing (HEAT) process helps EMBs identify and test the potential exploitation of vulnerabilities of election technology and the legal and operational frameworks in which the technology operates. Technology used in democratic elections presents a unique challenge; a balance between security and transparency must be found to ensure election infrastructure is both adequately protected and transparent enough to ensure ongoing public trust. IFES’ HEAT process integrates security into the human, political, legal and procedural aspects of elections to produce a holistic assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and exposure to cybersecurity risk.

IFES’ global network of experts provides technical assistance to EMBs to help safeguard their elections and build cybersecurity capacity and resiliency across electoral process. IFES is a recognized thought leader on important topics such as considerations on internet voting that help frame key dimensions of security and technology for election managers and decision makers.


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