Election technology

Secure and appropriate uses of technology increase the integrity of the electoral process.

A variety of new and existing technologies are continuously integrated into elections around the world, affecting each step of the election process. In some cases, these technologies are efficient, reduce the risk of human error, improve accessibility and mitigate or prevent various types of election fraud. As the use of election technology increases and evolves, however, threats to and the complexity of operations evolves in tandem. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) works in partnership with election administrators, civil society and the private sector to promote the appropriate use of technology in elections. IFES conducts research and analysis on threats to democracy and elections from technology and develops and deploys tools to counter the most pressing vulnerabilities. 

IFES support includes: 

  • Procuring hardware, software and election management systems with care. 
  • Identifying vulnerabilities through testing and comparative expertise. 
  • Supporting the digitization of voter registration processes. 
  • Guiding technology decisions on the transmission and aggregation of election results. 
  • Conducting results software audits, and promoting accessibility and open data.  
  • Right-sizing design and integration of sustainable technologies that electoral management bodies can effectively manage. 

IFES & Technology Companies

Technology platforms and products have had a transformational impact on politics and elections in recent years. Some of this impact has been positive for society but the misuse of technology platforms and tools is increasingly recognized as a grave threat to democracies and electoral integrity. IFES believes that technology companies have the potential to play a valuable and constructive role in helping to address the challenges posed by technology to democracy and elections but will only collaborate with technology companies on endeavors that are consistent with IFES’ established mission and whose ultimate beneficiaries are the citizens and voters themselves.


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