Anthony Bowyer, Senior Program Manager, Caucasus and Central Asia

Anthony C. Bowyer has more than 22 years of experience in designing and managing election assistance, civil society, civic education and political party development programs in the south Caucasus and Central Asia with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). He has worked extensively with political leaders, election officials, members of parliament, political party and civil society organizations, academics and students.

Among Bowyer’s publications are the article “Civic Participation and Governance in Eurasia: The Case of Georgia” (July 2017), a Silk Road Paper for Johns Hopkins University titled “Parliament and Political Parties in Kazakhstan” and a conference paper “Islamic Movements and Democracy in Central Asia: Integration or Isolation?” for the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy. Other publications include his treatise “Political Engagement and Enfranchisement of Labor Migrants from Tajikistan,” and a co-authorship of Political Parties in Tajikistan: Facts, Figures and Analysis.

His present work includes designing and overseeing implementation of election-focused technical assistance and civic education projects in the south Caucasus and Central Asia, and empowerment of youth, women, ethnic minority groups and persons with disabilities as part of a program on inclusion in several countries of Eurasia.

In addition to his work for IFES, Bowyer serves as a chief electoral officer in Fairfax County, Virginia, and has delivered course lectures at Johns Hopkins University on Russian politics, Russian foreign policy, global security, and the politics of the South Caucasus.

Bowyer holds a B.A. in Russian Area Studies from the University of Minnesota, an M.A. in International Security and Conflict from the University of Miami (FL), and an honorary degree from The Engineering Academy of the Republic of Tajikistan. He is fluent in Russian.



Email Address:
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