Youth engagement

Young people are positive change agents and active participants in civic and political processes.

Nearly half of the world’s population is 25 years or younger, making the current youth generation of 3 billion people potentially one of the most influential in history as civic and political leaders. Recognizing that young people are a diverse group of individuals with unique beliefs and experiences, IFES’s youth programming is driven by an intersectional approach and tailored to reflect the diversity of young people worldwide. IFES draws on several complementary approaches to supporting youth engagement, including:

  • Integrating human rights standards and principles.
  • Enhancing skillsets and fostering engagement between young people and political and civil actors, systems and processes, applying a positive youth development approach to facilitate youth agency.
  • Engaging young people as active participants in the electoral process.
  • Partnering with young people as positive agents and equip them with conflict resolution and peacebuilding tools.
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IFES Democratic Resilience Lab

IFES designs, tests and deploys innovative strategies and capabilities to strengthen democratic resilience and counter backsliding and authoritarianism.

Focus Areas

IFES joins with others to tackle the most pressing issues for democracy and elections today.