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Annex to Final Project Report, Republic of Tajikistan, October 1, 1997 - September 30, 2002: Political Party Platforms, Majlisi Oli Elections, Tajikistan, February 27, 2000


This report will cover the initial period of my work as the Political Party Consultant to IFES in the Republic of Tajikistan for the period of October 1999 through March of 2000. This interim report will be divided into 5 sections with an appendix. These sections will cover a brief background of IFES activities in Tajikistan, PPD programmatic activities during the aforementioned period, PPD liaison activities with various international organizations that raised IFES' profile and facilitated PPD activities as well as the full spectrum of IFES work in Tajikistan, a report on the security situation in Tajikistan, and finally conclusions. An appendix will be provided to supplement the narrative with pertinent documentation on selected sections.