Electoral legal & regulatory frameworks

Clear and accessible election law and rules protect and support fundamental political rights

Legal frameworks provide the foundation for credible elections and the protection of individual political rights. However, election laws and rules are often unclear, inconsistent, outdated, unworkable in practice or subject to political manipulation. IFES supports the development of clear, consistent and accessible legal frameworks for elections, while also encouraging effective application and enforcement of the law.

As the legal framework for elections encompasses a wide range of international instruments, national legislation, by-laws, regulations, procedures, decrees and court rulings, IFES has developed a robust approach that can rapidly and holistically identify gaps and inconsistencies in legal and regulatory frameworks and in how they are implemented. Even the best legal framework for elections will be of little value in advancing democratic governance unless it is appropriately implemented and enforced. IFES tools and expertise provide legislators, governments, electoral management bodies and other stakeholders with options for clear and effective constitutional and legal reforms, and for enhancing the impartiality, transparency, accountability and integrity of elections—and of the institutions that manage them.

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