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The Resolution of Election Disputes: Legal Principles that Control Election Challenges, 2nd Edition

The Resolution of Election Disputes, 2nd Edition is the most up-to-date centralized information source for understanding, responding to, and preventing election disputes and irregularities in the United States of America. 

The 2nd edition of this groundbreaking publication features updates and additional cases that highlight the legal principles that courts in the United States use to resolve election disputes, as well as a new section on substantial compliance.

Each short thematic section in the book:
  • Describes election processes and procedures that go awry.
  • Presents the probable outcome or outcomes if the irregularity becomes a focus of a legal challenge.
  • Explains the reasons for that outcome, including the legal principles guiding the courts.
  • Highlights how a different context or small fact alterations could change that outcome.

Written for both legal and lay audiences by Barry H. Weinberg, retired Deputy Chief of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division in the U.S, Department of Justice, The Resolution of Election Disputes, 2nd  Edition, provides sound legal analysis combined with practical guidelines.  Legal professionals, election practitioners, political leaders, students and others interested in law and democratic processes will find this book useful and entertaining. 

This must-have book for lawyers, election administrators, law professors and students interested in US election dispute resolution includes a range of topics: filing deadlines; petition signatures; voter eligibility (e.g. provisional voting; voter’s identification); candidate eligibility; relocation of polling places; death or withdrawal of a candidate; and many more.