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Social Media Strategies for Election Management Bodies

Technology platforms and products continue to transform politics and elections with prominent implications for voter trust and understanding. As social media increasingly becomes a space where disinformation and conspiracy about elections flourish, it is essential that democratic actors communicate effectively to share credible information that builds trust and brings transparency to the administration of elections. In keeping with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) strategic commitment to ensuring that technology, information and data positively serve democracy and elections, we continue to provide tools and resources to help our partners around the world stay abreast of the evolving technological landscape.

Despite the proliferation of challenges stemming from the evolution of social media and digital communication, IFES and its election management body (EMB) partners recognize the value of social media in reaching voters, enhancing transparency and countering disinformation and hate speech with credible, authoritative content.

Image: report cover | Text: How can EMBs further leverage social media to expand voter education and outreach?

Social Media Strategies for Election Management Bodies: A Tactical Guide to Expanding Voter Outreach
 provides platform-specific tip sheets containing new ideas on how EMBs can make the most of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and messaging applications like WhatsApp. The guide also includes strategies to use across platforms, guidance on hosting live video events, suggestions on how to use social media partnerships to expand the reach of content and a special section on messaging strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide will be particularly useful to communications and public relations staff within an EMB who are looking to deepen and diversify their social media strategy to increase public understanding of elections, build trust in their institutions and strengthen voters’ confidence in the safety and integrity of voting.

Social Media Strategies for Election Management Bodies: A Tactical Guide to Expanding Voter Outreach

Author: Gabriel Morris, Managing Director, Cloudburst Media

Editor: Lisa Reppell, Global Social Media and Disinformation Specialist, IFES

Published on August 25, 2021.