Electoral Technology

Growing pressure to embrace new technology makes finding a suitable solution challenging for lawmakers and election officials. In some instances, new technology is envisioned as part of a long-range plan for improving efficiency and communication, streamlining program delivery, integrating various systems, lowering costs of operation and minimizing manpower requirements. In other circumstances, modernization and automation is spurred by a sense of urgency to overcome a specific problem.

Smartphones have empowered individuals to double as citizen monitors, spreading information, pictures and video in real time. By employing these forward-looking tools, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has become a leader in the use of technology that enhances efficiency and transparency of election administration around the world. IFES is committed to enfranchising citizens through innovative uses of technology that maximize impact through proper application.

As a learning organization, IFES has an internal Knowledge Management Initiative Working Group on Technology to help grow the research, tools and technical expertise we offer our partners worldwide.

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