Election Snapshot

Elections in Brazil: 2022 General Elections


On Sunday, Oct. 2, Brazilian voters will elect the president and the vice president on a single ticket. Brazilians will also elect governors; some senators; and all federal deputies, state deputies and federal district deputies. This year, a total of 28,274 candidates representing 32 parties are contesting all open positions.

These elections will use the largest number of electronic voting machines in Brazilian history, as the Superior Electoral Tribunal acquired 224,900 new machines, bringing the total to more than 577,000 machines to be used on Election Day. Given the scale of the elections, the results will heavily influence the direction of the world’s fifth-largest nation for the next four years and beyond.

Delve into this important electoral process with Elections in Brazil: 2022 General Elections produced by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). This Election Snapshot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) includes:

  • Why are these elections important?
  • What is the election management body doing to strengthen its technology and procedures to resist vulnerabilities and counter foreign interference?
  • What provisions are in place that support the equal rights of women, persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups?
  • How will election disputes be adjudicated?

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Published Sept. 30, 2022.